Vintage Linens in the Loft
of Our Saltbox Barn

'an elegant collection
of timeless tradition and beauty'

  *         *        *

Loft (lôft, läft)

1. an attic or attic like space, usually not partitioned off into rooms, immediately
    below the roof of a house, barn, etc.
2. a room or floor above another.
3. a gallery in a church or hall (the choir loft).

In our case . . .

... a wonderful room filled with a simply exquisite collection of vintage linens. For those who love to entertain, fabulous vintage linens - whether fine damask or a funky printed pattern - will contribute as much to the party as the well designed menu.

Searching for and acquiring vintage linens and caring for them may be as gratifying as baking that perfect batch of brownies - except they last longer!